Netizen 24 KEN: Moses Kuria's inflammatory and war rhetoric against Raila

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Moses Kuria's inflammatory and war rhetoric against Raila

Moses Kuria the Mp for Gatundu South has gone ballistic against the Nasa Presidential Candidate Raila Odinga. During his campaign trail in Kiambu County, he said weird words and we’ve decided to avail a few of the words accompanying the video on his speech.

Many Kenyans are demanding for his immediate arrest.

Didn’t you elect Uhuru Kenyatta on 8th Aug? I swear that Dog called Raila..(amid cheers & laughter)..imagine 8 million votes just went the drain like that..he just remains to be a dog..(amid cheers & laughter) We had a baby who had just started sucking his mother’s milk and along the line Raira came and inserted his finger into the baby’s anus thus killing him instantly (amid cheers & laughter)

Can we forgive a such a person ever? Now we have another date on 17th oct..will you wake up early? Will you sleep at the polling station? So that we repeat the winning streak and if he (Raira) is not interested in participating in this election..we will not force him. Let him try to Come to Nairobi we will deal with him accordingly.

Uhuru is advocating that we make peace and great each other’s neighbor..we cannot do that coz we don’t want peace instead everybody should be ready to fight..we will not be snatched meat from our mouths while watching so be ready.

We will use the same razor blade to shave and circumcise Raira..(other expletives omitted here coz of national security) let me be jailed (amid cheers & laughter) I swear I will circumcise that stupid man. Now he says that we should not vote on 17th and postpone the national want Raila or our Kids?

Source: Google News

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