Netizen 24 KEN: Uhuru, Ruto woos the Abagusii community

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Uhuru, Ruto woos the Abagusii community

“I have nothing personal against the Abagusii community,” President Uhuru Kenyatta has said.

Speaking at State House Nakuru when he met representatives from the Community, Uhuru said he had a right to disagree with Chief Justice David Maraga but it shouldn’t be construed as bias towards the community at large.

He hit out at those propagating a narrative that he is against the community based on his censure of the Supreme Court ruling that nullified his election, saying as a Kenyan he has a right to agree or disagree with such a decision.

In a bid to consolidate support ahead of the forthcoming repeat presidential election, Uhuru called on the community to support his re-election saying he is best suited to develop the Country.

He urged leaders to engage in issue based politics saying the country must transit from tribal politics and embrace peaceful coexistence.

The President said Jubilee has an agenda for the country unlike the opposition urging Kenyans to evaluate the two presidential contenders and make an informed choice.

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His deputy William Ruto exuding confidence that the region will engaging overwhelmingly vote for Uhuru, saying the election of some Jubilee MPs in the region is testament that it’s no longer an opposition stronghold.

The Kisii leaders pledge to mobilize support for Uhuru’s re-election in Kisii and Nyamira Counties where Uhuru garnered 42% and 52% of the votes respectively.

Later Uhuru and Ruto went on a meet the people tour in Nakuru County where they reiterated their readiness for the election.

The President said Kenyans are ready for the fresh presidential election and asked the Opposition to stop issuing unnecessary demands.

Addressing residents at Free Area, Uhuru, castigated NASA leaders for continuously antagonizing Kenyans saying elections should not derail the development of the country, sentiments echoed by Ruto.

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