Netizen 24 KEN: IG Boinnet names boat after himself and Kenyans are not impressed

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IG Boinnet names boat after himself and Kenyans are not impressed

Joseph Boinnet
Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet. PHOTO: MEDIAMAX

Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet became has come under attack by netizens after he launched speed boat named after himself.

During the ongoing police modernisation programme, the police boss commissioned six new police patrol boats at the Maritime Police Unit at the Kilindini Port in Mombasa on Wednesday, November 8.

Boinnet Boat
MV Boinnet. /TWITTER

But then hawk-eyed Kenyans noticed something peculiar about the boats; one of them was named MV Boinnet.

Naysayers hopped on Twitter to critique the self-praise by the police chief among them renown human rights activist Alamin Kimathi who took to the social media platform to bash Boinnet.

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Here’s a collection of some of the tweets:

TheNortherner (@alaminkimathi): Are you real @JBoinnet? You’ve named this new police boat after yourself?

DAVID LUDOGOLI (@DLUDOGOLI): Back to the KANU era…naming even schools with one classroom after a big shot.

RasAmani (@RasAmani): The sickness in African civil servants to self immortalise is real. The big man syndrome. Something must be named after them for no reason.

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She Wolf® (@Shewolfmo): His personal yacht or?

Sura Mbaya (@surambaya): Ha! Right back to the 80s. Almost like time just stood still.

Buluma oyieri (@oyieri): You’ll need to forgive my innocence but I think boinnet is the name of a major physical feature, one of our big five(5). Landmark, monument.

Gideon Barasa (@gidbara): The IG will tell you they are investigating how his name found its way on the boat.

Ben JN Keraro (@BenJN25_29): Unbelievable. Gradually, this guy is slowly becoming an imperial police chief!

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But he had supporters too;

Chimbamarano (@chimbawarui1): Does it change the mode of operation whether it named kimathi or wambua.

Abu Jibran Jamal (@swabu_jnr): Did you want it to be named after yourself, stop being petty with everything!

Mogire Ben (@BenMogire): He IMPLEMENTED idea..furthermore what’s wrong in naming boat after himself. Hurricanes in the US are named after first person who saw it.o k you’ve pinpointed the wrong, give us the RIGHT NAME.SOLUTION ?

Source: Google News

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