Netizen 24 KEN: Kenyans harshly respond to DP Ruto after attacking Raila Odinga

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Kenyans harshly respond to DP Ruto after attacking Raila Odinga


  • DP William Ruto took to his social media page and criticised Raila's move of going to the USA
  • He said that Mr Odinga went to the US seeking help to scuttle the possibility him being elected president in 2022

Kenyans on social media harshly responded to Deputy President William Ruto after attacking National Super Alliance (NASA) leader Raila Odinga in a tweet.

In the tweet DP Ruto accused Mr Odinga of seeking help abroad to seek support to scuttle the possibility him being elected president in 2022.

“So, Tinga went all the way to the USA to seek support to scuttle the possibility of a son of peasant from being elected prezo in 2022!Balaa!” DP Ruto posted on his twitter handle.

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So,Tinga went all the way t o the USA to seek support to scuttle the possibility of a son of peasant from being elected prezo in 2022!Balaa! ​â€" William Samoei Ruto (@WilliamsRuto) November 9, 2017

During his speech at the Centre for Strategic and International (CSIS) headquarters, Washington DC, Raila claimed that President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy, William Ruto are hanging on to power and that Jubilee plans to extend its reign with the DP who will be running for presidency in 2022. This is after he said that Kenya was hurtling into dictatorship.

“Kenya matters, at least it did then. In this crisis though, the US and other pro-democratic friends chose to avert their gaze from the unfolding election lawlessness and continued against all the evidence to support a deeply tainted electoral process,” said that Opposition leader during his speech.

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Kenyans on social media did not take well what the DP said. Here’s what they had to say;

And you think the Kikuyu nation will support you in 2022?? You will be back to beg for votes take it to the bank

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This is is the potent cancer that resides amongst self declared leaders. Of all the possible responses to the numerous issues @RailaOdinga raised, you were only inspired by your thirst for Presidency and nothing else tickled your senses. May the spirits of sobriety visit you.â€" Abdulhakim Dahir (@Dahiro_abdy) November 9, 2017

Hello William, the only option for finishing Mr. Tinga politically is by not allowing the formation of Interim Government "Mkate Nusu"... We won this thing. Boflo tunachukua roho safi. Let Tinga go and rest in Political Oblivion and watch Arap Ruto ascend to the Statehouse 2022.â€" Atanas (@Atanasi_) November 9, 2017

Ruto retreat!
This electoral fraud which have been institutionalised may work against you!
People are bitter you forced leaders on the people expect a backlash in 2022 it's not a soft landing as you may wish to imagine...â€" kipkorir kirui (@KiruiMkenya) November 9, 2017

No.Mr,be.careful of what you post your national leader.â€" Aron (@Aron31966213) November 9, 2017

Whoever is behind this handle is a joker and messing this handle.Kindly tweet meaningful stuff pleaseâ€" DenniceTheRipper (@iamthenav4) November 9, 2017

Not the language of a person who is suppose to be the unifying factor of a great nation called Kenya...... 2022 is still along way to go, focus on reconciling Kenyans,... We need to get back to our normal lives @WilliamsRutoâ€" Freddyotengo (@Freddyotengo2) November 9, 2017

What has @RailaOdinga done to you this time round
So you must mention his name to stay relevant in the game?â€" Victor Mutugi (@Muts_Victor) November 9, 2017

my friend,,,,no one will ever stop YOU,,,,it's only God who holds the destiny of a man,,DON'T PANICKâ€" Captain Lawi (@Captain_Lawi) November 9, 2017

My friend ruto why are you worried when raila lectures the world and the only thing you can do is grabbing people land shame on youâ€" John parsaloi (@parsah_john) November 10, 2017

Tinga is not denying you presidency uthamaki will, they will hate you at hour of need the same way they did to kalonzo mark my words,â€" Wanyonyi Wekesa (@WanyonyiWekesa1) November 9, 2017

Bila Tinga, ungekuwa Unatweet nini? Kila mahali anaenda mnanusa nusa kwa matako. mna nini bwana, mmepagawa nini? Umekuwa blogger sasa, kudo sâ€" Alfred D. Olwanda (@Dan_Alphiez) November 9, 2017

Ile kutense mnatense ..mtakaja choo sana. Wachaneni na Railaâ€" PETER WA NYAMIRA (@PeterOrechi) November 9, 2017

You are so selfish. When the enigma talks of doing the right thing for the good of us all, you take it personal. What assurance do you and I have for 2022? What if God comes for us now like gov. Gakuru? You.....â€" Evans Gweyu (@EGweyu) November 9, 2017

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