Netizen 24 KEN: Is NASA falling out? Five pointers that all is not well in the coalition

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Is NASA falling out? Five pointers that all is not well in the coalition


  • There are several happening in the political scene that makes one wonder if NASA will survive another term
  • These pointers are questions that arise with how leaders of the coalition are handling or avoiding some important topics

Following an Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) National Governing Council (NGC) meeting at Orange House on Friday, February 23, one is left wondering if there are indeed cracks in the opposition as various leaders gave carefully knitted speeches. ODM is one of the parties that form the country’s opposition, National Super Alliance (NASA).

There have been suspicions that the coalition’s co-principals are not in unison following party leader Raila Odinga’s swearing-in fete that happened on January 30 at Uhuru Park gardens. Eyebrows were raised as his expected deputy and Wiper Democratic leader Kalonz o Musyoka did not show up. The other two co-principals, Ford Kenya leader Moses Wetang’ula and Amani National Congress (ANC) leader Musalia Mudavadi did not show up either. ​

Although all the leaders have come out defending the day’s happenings, Kenyans are still in the dark over what exactly made the leaders skip the important event. Since then, talks about cracks begun and have continued to spread.

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After yesterday’s meeting, however, one can point out signs that all is not well in the coalition. These pointers include;

Governor Joho’s hooded message to co-principals

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho, who is the ODM deputy party leader, set the tempo for the meeting when he issued what appeared a thinly veiled attack on Mudavadi and Kalonzo that earned him cheers from the attendees.

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“Many of us in ODM have a feeling of dissatisfaction following recent events. As leaders in NASA, we have to stop being selfish and do away with con men in our coalition since the struggle is real. We need to sacrifice and stop being cowards,” Joho said.

Kalonzo’s delayed swearing-in

Since January 30, supporters of the coalition have waited to have their preferred deputy sworn in just like Raila took the oath of office as the People’s President. Many have insisted he emulate Raila’s move to prove he is still on the course but a date has not been set for the same. During the meeting, Kalonzo’s speech was distracted by calls to ‘shikilia Bibilia’ as supporters demanded he lifts the Bible and take the oath. He remained mum on the issue.

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Mudavadi’s talk on 2022 politics

In an interview on February 22, Musalia Mudavadi stated that there is no legal and financial framework to enable the country to conduct a fresh election in August. Talking to NTV, Musalia’s talk seemed to lean to the idea that the coalition had given up on holding elections and are now getting ready for the 2022 general elections. “There are those who may want to do what is perceived to be popular, but there are also those who have the courage to sometimes tell the people that is not the right path, “he said.

Co-principals deafening silence on Raila’s swearing-in

Ever since leader Raila took the oath, none of the noticeably co-principals have talked about it clearly and have been at odds to explain their absence. Wetangula and Mudavadi have remained mum on the issue with the latter only referring to Raila as President during the meeting. Kalonzo, on the other hand, told the public that his failure to turn up was a plan well thought by NASA leaders. According to him, the plan was to have Raila sworn-in alone so that in case he is arrested, the other principals would lead a legal onslaught in his defense on Tuesday, February 13. He also acknowledged that the whole swearing-in affair was a violation of the law.

Raila’s speech

Mr. Odinga said he had formed a task force to review the party’s performance in the last General Election and review its nomination rules, which could have impacted negatively on the 2017 election outcome. Although he dismissed claims of a fallout in the coalition, he was categorical that while his party was ready to work with like-minded parties, it was also prepared to go it alone if push came to shove. “From the ground up, ODM must be in the battle mode. From the ground up, all ODM leaders and supporters must without fear or apologies erect and fly the flag of justice, fairness and equity as only ODM can. We must be prepared to fight alongside other like-minded parties and individual. But we must also be prepared to fight alone should it come to that,” he stated.

Top speeches at the Friday, February 23 NGC meeting

While all these pointers are mere speculations, it would be ignorant not to question the coincidence they happen at.

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