Netizen 24 KEN: National Bank CEO responds sexual assault claims

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National Bank CEO responds sexual assault claims

The National Bank of Kenya CEO Wilfred Musau has responded to sexual assault claims against him by a female employee who moved to court for protection.

Ms Asanta Samantha Luku has accused Mr Musau of daring to sack her if she does not give into his sexual desires.

Acording to Musau, he fails to understand why Ms Luku took about three months to bring up the incident saying that he is intending to achieve a colllateral purpose as a vendetta against him.

The employee was also accused of not utilising internal mechanisms to address her probelms and she instead opted to use the media to taint him and the institution.

Ms Luku says that on October 25 he allegedly called her and demanded her to meet him the following day so as to discuss her pending appointment.

The meeting lasted 10 minutes and it was then that he pulled his chair close to her, got hold of her and attempted to touch her private parts and it was then that she jumped out of her seat.

Mr Musau however says that she was the one who requested the meeting and out of good faith faith he agreed to attend the event.

Source: Google News

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