Netizen 24 KEN: Marry many wives to bear more children, reduce infidelity – MP

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Marry many wives to bear more children, reduce infidelity â€" MP

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Marry many wives to bear more children, reduce infidelity â€" MP
Kiambu Woman Representative Gathoni Wamuchomba (standing) at Wangunyu Social Hall in Kiambaa on Saturday /GEORGE MUGO
Kiambu Woman Representative Gathoni Wamuchomba (standing) at Wangunyu Social Hall in Kiambaa on Saturday /GEORGE MUGO
Kiambu Woman Representative Gathoni Wamuchomba has urged men in Central regi on to marry multiple wives to increase the population.
She said polygamy will also reduce infidelity and number of children born out of wedlock. Wamuchomba said many women are yearning to get married, but a lot of men are addicted to illicit liquor and cannot work or support families.
This has forced many women to become single parents as they bear children with married men, who eventually leave them. “As much as we are talking about the church and our culture, we must go back to the drawing board and get solutions to some of our problems,” Wamuchomba said on Saturday.
She said she does not understand why polygamy is discouraged, yet most of middle-aged people are products of families with more than one wife. “That is why I’m calling on all men to marry more than one wife and bring up all their children. One can marry even five wives,” she said.
Wamuchomba said poor parenting and lack of father figures contribute to social problems.
She spoke at Wanguny u Social Hall in Kiambaa constituency, when she enrolled 72 alcoholics from the county for three months rehabilitation. The addicts were brought by family members. The men who were enrolled are aged between 19 and 40 years. Wamuchomba said she has been talking to families with alcohol addicts, who have shown interest in joining a rehab centre.
Wamuchomba said her office bought 200 beds, mattresses and blankets and has secured food for the patients during their rehab stay.
“We have counselors who train the patients, religious leaders, physical education trainers and cooks. When they leave this institution, we shall enrol another group” she said.
Wamuchomba said some alcoholics at the centre and have been married, but said they separated due to their inability to support their families.
“Men in this category are poor, dirty, drunk, they smoke bhang, abuse drugs and cannot perform sexually. They have never gotten married and if they were, they are now separated,† she said.
In June 2015, women in Ndeiya ward said their drunkard husbands were unable to sire children. They said their men had abandoned their homes because of drinking too much liquor. They said younger women were the worst-hit as they were “unproductive”.
“If you walk in this village, you will find so many young married women, but only a few are pregnant. Those who are not, are suffering in silence because their men cannot perform,” a woman said.
She said men have been drinking anything alcoholic to keep them high, but society bears the consequences of sexual dysfunction.
“It would not be a wonder if we start looking for men to sire our children. Our husbands will not know anything. We will trick them that the pregnancies are theirs and they will support us,” the woman said.
In May last year, Nyumba Kumi Intiative chairman Joseph Kaguthi urged Central Kenya to practice polygamy and faulted the clergy for “opposing the practice blindly”.
Kaguthi said polygamy is enshrined in the Bible. “This movement led by married women in Central that polygamy is illegal should stop if we have to increase our population,” he said.
“The President is a product of a polygamous family. I come from that sort of a union and there is nothing wrong in it being reintroduced in Central.” Video Vault Poll of the day Most Popular 1 [Statement] Why I refused to hand over my Canadian passport - Miguna 2 corridors of power 3 Miguna leaves Dubai for Canada under UAE police escort 4 Miguna arrives in Toronto for medical care 5 Allegiances shifting, each man for himself 6 Easter party cut short for man accused of conning lawmakers 7 Miguna arrives in Canada after spending six da ys at JKIA, Dubai airports 8 Protests after KRA transfers port official facing bribery probe 9 Miguna’s fight, Kanu and 20yrs of Balala’s wait 10 City Council askaris ambush A1 launch and arrest Shaffie Must read Latest News Uhuru mourns Winnie Mandela, describes her as liberator DPP probes rape claims against two rugby players Mutua dismisses Kamba leaders’ forum, calls for 'genuine' unity meeting Kamba leaders endorse Kalonzo's 2022 presidential bid, give nod to reach out to Uhuru State gives Sh53 million to herders whose cattle was auctioned by Tanzania Winnie Madikizela-Mandela dies aged 81 © 2018 The Star, Kenya. All Rights ReservedSource: Google News

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