Did One of Kenya Moore's Celebrity Beefs Just Get Reignited?

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Did One of Kenya Moore's Celebrity Beefs Just Get Reignited?

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Remember that time when Sherri Shepherd met Kenya Moore? ICYMI, the story goes like this ... and, spoiler alert: it's not exactly a love story for the ages:

Back in 2014, The View co-host and The Real Housewives of Atlanta mom-to-be appeared together on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Things got a teeny bit tense when Shepherd accused Kenya of alienating her fans. Watch the clip below:

Watch What Happens Live Is Kenya Showing Off? After a caller accuses RHOA’s Kenya Moore of not being as “Real” as the other Housewives, Kenya Moore defends her “Reality” to Andy and Sherri Shepherd.

Slightly awkward, right? Later, Shepherd returned to the Clubhouse and told Andy that she really does wish Kenya the best, even though the two weren't fast friends. "I admire Kenya and I respect her, and I just thought sometimes you just don’t jell," she said in 2016. So, has there been any more jelling since then?

A WWHL viewer wrote in with a question for Shepherd when she returned to the Clubhouse on July 23: Have she and Kenya stayed in touch since their fateful meeting? The View host let out a chuckle at the question, and then replied. Watch the clip above to see whether you can expect to see paparazzi snaps of Kenya and Shepherd having lunch someday soon.

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