Kenya president urges citizens to arrest the corrupt

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Kenya president urges citizens to arrest the corrupt

August 12 at 4:46 PM

NAIROBI, Kenya â€" Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta is urging the nation’s young people to make citizen’s arrests of those suspected of corruption, a vice that is endemic in the country.

Critics have called Kenyatta’s regime the most corrupt of the four leaders that Kenya has had since gaining independence from Britain in 1963.

Kenyatta is in his second term after a disputed re-election victory last year and his administration has made a flurry of arrests of officials named in corruption scandals in recent weeks.

The president said Sunday in the western Kenya town of Kisii during festivities to mark world youth day that young people should not be afraid to arrest the powerful.

In his words, “The power is in your hands to end this vice in this country.”

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Source: Google News Kenya | Netizen 24 Kenya

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