Kenya temporarily lifts ban on LGBTQ love story Rafiki

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Kenya temporarily lifts ban on LGBTQ love story Rafiki

Rafiki stars Sheila Munyiva (left) and Samantha Mugatsia (right) standing with director Wanuri Kahiu at Cannes.
Photo: VALERY HACHE/AFP (Getty Images)

Earlier this year, the Cannes Film Festival played host to at least one film that was entirely illegal to show or possess in its home country: Wanuri Kahiu’s LGBTQ romance film Rafiki, which has been outlawed in Kahiu’s native Kenya. The film tells the story of a growing love between two young women, Kena and Ziki (played by actresses Samantha Mugatsia and Sheila Munyiva), in a country where sodomy is still a felony, and where same-sex marriage is banned under the national constitution.

Now, though, a Kenyan judge has lifted the ban on the filmâ€"temporarily. Kahiu successfully sued the country’s government to get her movie a seven-day run in theaters, i.e., the minimum amount required in order to submit a movie for Oscar consideration for Best Foreign Film. “I am not convinced that Kenya is such a weak society that its moral foundation will be shaken by seeing such a film,” the judge in question said during her ruling.

After the seven-day period is up, the film will once again be banned. Meanwhile, Kahiu expressed her happiness at the court’s decisionâ€"saying “I remained hopeful that our constitution is strong. I believe it is our right as creators to reflect society and it is our role to talk about all subjects”â€"while also making it clear that she intends to continue fighting to have her movie’s ban lifted for good.


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Source: Google News Kenya | Netizen 24 Kenya

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