Kenya to deport Chinese man over 'racist rant'

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Kenya to deport Chinese man over 'racist rant'

Africa Africa Kenya to deport Chinese man over 'racist rant'

Image of Liu JiaqiImage copyright YouTube
Image caption Liu Jiaqi said he was only in Kenya to make money

A Chinese man will be deported after a video emerged of him making racist comments, Kenya's immigration department says.

The man, indentified as Liu Jiaqi, was captured in a video calling all Kenyans, including President Uhuru Kenyatta, "monkeys".

Mr Liu and his representatives have yet to comment on the situation.

The authorities have revoked his work permit and say he will be deported on "racism grounds".

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An employee filmed Mr Liu, who is a motorcycle trader, saying that he disliked Kenya because it "smells bad and [its people are] poor, foolish and black".

When the employee asked why he wanted to stay in the country, the trader said he was only there to make money.

Police arrested him hours after the video was circulated online on 5 September.

Image copyright EPA
Image caption This Chinese-built railway was opened last year to great fanfare

It is unclear whether the immigration department can deport someone on grounds of racism.

According to the BBC's Anne Soy in Nairobi, the immigration department says they are processing the deportation, which might mean they are looking for something to charge him with.

Discrimination based on colour is against the law, she says.

In 2015, the owner of a Chinese restaurant in Nairobi was arrested after public outrage over the restaurant's policy of allegedly banning African customers at night.

The owner was charged with operating without a liquor licence and failing to meet public health standards, but nothing to do with racis m, our reporter says.

China has invested millions of dollars into Kenya in recent years, including a new railway linking the capital, Nairobi, to the coast.

President Kenyatta was in Beijing earlier this week to take part in the China-Africa cooperation summit where he said: "Kenya appreciates China's demonstrated commitment in supporting Kenya's development goals."

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