Kenya update continues

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Kenya update continues

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Caleb Williams walks on a typical road with a local Kenyan man.


The Americans take a photo after a church service with the Kenya group.


Eugene Saul speaks to the people through an interpreter during a Kenya church service.


Joshua Williams has made some good friends while visiting Kenya, Africa and telling others about Jesus Christ.

Editor’s note:

The group has safely returned from Kenya. Eugene Saul will have a several additional articles about their trip. Visit to read the story in its entirety.

Every place your foot shall tread (The Attack Lambs) by Mark Geppert

This book, The Attack Lambs” in more ways than one, exemplifies our walk across Kenya. When God spoke to me 10 years ago and told me to go walk across Kenya, and I was praying and seeking God for His direction, He led me to Ezekiel 33:24 where it says Abraham was one man and he inherited the land. I also received a copy of this book from a man in Texas that I hadn’t seen in two or three years. He had no idea what God had called me to do and said that a few days before he was walking through a book store and saw a copy of this book and God told him to buy it and send it to me. This book is about prayer walking and claiming the land for God.

I made my first trip to Kenya in 2008 and God told me I didn’t have to literally walk across Kenya at that time, but led me to make contact with all 42 tribes and pastors and people from different demonizations and minister the love of God to the m which I have done in my previous 17 trips.

Kenya is a very diverse country with many tribal customs and cultures embedded in its culture, and those previous trips are what laid the groundwork for this last trip to have the favor and impact it did.

Earlier this year God impressed on me that it was time to make my walk across Kenya and to get the people of Kenya to walk with me. When I started sharing with others here, people started coming to me and said they wanted to go walk with me. God impressed us to take the “Appeal to Heaven” flags with us to carry as we walked and prayed for Kenya and for and with the people of Kenya. Seven other people from this area went on this mission trip. They included a married couple, Larry and Vickie Norris, Alice Sanders, Susan Kramer and three young men, Caleb Williams, Josh Williams and Austin Tate.

One young man from Mombassa who had heard that these Americans were going to walk all the way across their nation, thought we were crazy. Two old men who said they were in their 70s, and two older women, one dragging a foot and one woman who by her own admission said she was overweight and three college boys. What did they think they could accomplish? The man came down to watch us as we began our walk at Fort Jesus on the Indian Ocean, what a fitting place to start. He listened to us pray and watched as we began to walk out of Mombassa towards Uganda. He saw team members pray with and for people along the way, with many being touched by the power of God. It took us two days to walk out of that town, but by that time Zaccheus had decided that as a follower of Jesus he needed to get outside his church and walk with us â€" which he did and seven others, all the way to Uganda.

We planned on splitting into two team, each walking eight or nine miles per day thinking it would take about 45 days. When the Kenyans joined us, we split into four teams, then as other Kenyans joined us we kept adding more teams w ho walked about 10 klms per day doing what Jesus told us to do. â€" heal the sick, raise the dead and cast out devils as you tell the Good News. In this way we were able to see more than 1,000 souls added to the kingdom of God, more than 500 healed of all manner of sickness. The Kenyans tried to get contact information from those who God touched to do follow up. The nine-year old God raised from the dead is standing in the front of the picture as we entered into Uganda. He walked with us the last few miles.

By the time we reached Uganda we had 14 teams each walking 10 klm a day. We had three vans picking people up and dropping off people. We got many churches involved making an appeal to Heaven for their nation. What we thought we take 45 days was accomplished in 16 walking days. It’s amazing what you can see God do when we work together. We finished the walk on the August 22, so left us some time before our return flight on Sept 12.

We now had time to move in to an opening that God allowed us to see, taking some small water filters into an area which had been affected by flooding and there had been a typhoid and cholera outbreak. As you give out something that will give life-giving water in the natural, it opens up the opportunity to tell about the living water where you will never thirst again. Alshaab, the local terrorist group blew up a roadside bomb a few miles from where we were so, we weren’t allowed to go to our original destination. But we were able to get the filters in another way when we were able to get to some schools and bring them filters to purify the water they had been drinking out of tanks and ponds.

A picture I will always have in my mind is walking across the plain just west of the town of Voi where I had gotten out of the van that morning and stepped in a big pile of elephant manure. It was so dry I just kicked it off, but I was looking across the field where you could see for miles and the only thing I coul d see was a herd of cattle and goats and one Maasai boy. I was thinking what a great picture when he saw me and came across the road to see what an old white man carrying an “Appeal to Heaven” flag was doing.

He surprised me. He could speak and read English very well. I asked him about his knowledge of God and he said he believed in a God. All you had to do was look around and you knew there had to be a God. I asked him if he knew about Jesus and he had never heard of Him. So I introduced him to Jesus and he accepted Him as his Savior. He told me he couldn’t go to church because he had to stay with his father’s cows. I gave him the last Bible I had. I will always remember the picture of that boy out there with his cows and goats reading his new Bible. On assignment with Jesus. â€" Eugene Saul

Source: Google News Kenya | Netizen 24 Kenya

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