Kenya's Mijikenda people revive sacred homesteads to protect the forest

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Kenya's Mijikenda people revive sacred homesteads to protect the forest

Mongabay Series: Indigenous Peoples and Conservation

Kenya’s Mijikenda people revive sacred homesteads to protect the forest by Sophie Mbugua on 1 October 2018

Special series

Endangered environmentalists

  • Murder of activist in India highlights growing risk to environmental defenders
  • Number of murdered environmental activists rose once again in 2017
  • Ind onesia to investigate death of journalist being held for defaming palm oil company
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Indonesias forest guardians

  • Papuan chef Charles Toto serves up sustainability and environmental protection in a platter
  • In eastern Indonesia, a forest tribe pushes back against miners and loggers
  • Faith in the forest helps Indonesia’s Dayaks keep plantations, loggers at bay
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Conservation effectiveness

  • Conservation Effectiveness series sparks action, dialogue
  • Response to critique on Conservation Effectiveness series (commentary)
  • Seek higher standards to honestly assess conservation effectiveness (commentary)
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Southeast asian infrastructure

  • A civic outcry in Malaysia forces a Chinese builder to live up to its eco-friendly tag
  • Deal in sight for PNG landowners protesting Exxon-led gas project
  • As Bali reclamation project dies, activists seek conservation status
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Amazon infrastructure
  • Purus-Madeira: journey to the Amazon’s newest deforestation frontier
  • Brazilian elections and the environment: where top candidates stand
  • Community-run trading posts help Amazon forest people reverse rural exodus
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Asian rhinos

  • The great rhino U-turn
  • A herd of dead rhinos
  • 1984: the meeting that changed everything for Sumatran rhinos
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Indonesian fisheries

  • In an Indonesian village, compressor diving for fish is a dangerous business
  • Indonesian fish farmers get early-warning system for lake pollution
  • Indonesia, a top plastic polluter, mobilizes 20,000 citizens to clean up the mess
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Conservation in madagascar

  • Bandits raid village near Madagascar park, killing conservation worker
  • Madagascar proposes paying illegal loggers to audit or buy their rosewood
  • Forest communities pay the price for conservation in Madagascar
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